Centre for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

Centre for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCCAM)


The Centre for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation is now a member of the global Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA). Click here for more details.

About Us

The Centre for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCCAM) is an initiative of faculty members at the University of Embu (UoEm) aimed at conducting and supporting collaborative interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary climate-related research, advocacy, and training in the Eastern Africa region. The mission of the Centre is to build human capacity that can support communities which are most vulnerable to climate change so as to build resilience and enhance their adaptability. To achieve its aim and maintain a focus on this mission, the Centre leverages on four key thematic areas. These are: Training; Research and Innovation; Technology development and transfer; Advocacy and Policy. Besides, the Centre also develops agro-advisories to enable farmers make both tactical and strategic farming decisions; Supports national and county governments develop relevant legislation on climate change; Helps county governments identify and implement climate change projects and programmes; and Seeks global partnerships to enhance climate information for technology and innovation.


To advance sustainable and inclusive development and resilience in Eastern Africa Region and beyond through cutting-edge research, education, advocacy, and community engagement aimed at understanding, adapting to, and mitigating impacts of climate change.


A world-class Centre of excellence in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary climate-related research for the Eastern Africa region.

Advisory Board Members

Dr. Justin Nyaga
Chairman and Coordinator

Expertise:Climate change vulnerability and Bio-adaptation; Plant Eco-Physiology; Atmospheric Nutrient Deposition; Weather Systems; Precision Agriculture

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Dr. Hezron Mogaka
Board Member

Area of Specialization: Environmental Economics

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Dr. Jeremiah Okeyo
Board Member

Expertise on application of sustainable soil, water and nutrient management practices

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Dr. Gladys Sitati
Board Member

Area of Specialization: Geography and Climate Change

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Dr. Hannah Karuri
Board Member

Area of Specialization: Nematology and Biotechnology

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Dr. Ann Kairu
Board Member

Expertise on forest monitoring,governance on structure and regeneration

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Affiliate Researchers

Nicholas Ngece

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The Coordinator Centre for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation,
University of Embu 
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